Friday, August 23, 2013

The Angst of the Artist

For me, being an artist also means dealing with a ton of insecurities.  Creation of my artwork is fraught with highs and lows,  moments of grandeur that can suddenly turn into despair.  I've dealt with feelings like this as long as I can remember.

This illustration of Marilyn Monroe is the first artwork I've ever done that I can truly say did not cause me to not panic when I made a mistake.  I have to credit my wife, who guided me through her vision of how this piece should look.  She played art director, and assisted me through every step of the creation process, including some major, major changes in the hair, face and more.

Now, I don't want to make it seem like she doesn't help with my other work; she always gives some input when art is on the drawing board.  But since this was a birthday gift for our son, she was very invested in how it looked.  So she kept me on track, kept me focused for 4 months until we completed it. And not once did I feel like I wanted to give up on this piece (which would have been tough, since it's 30" x 40").

Come see the large version at my site at Fine Art America.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Meet the Fans!

I recently returned from a  trip to Indianapolis with the family, and while down there, I had the opportunity to meet a fan who asked me to personally sign a drawing he had purchased of Playboy model Carlotta Champagne

Richard McCullogh won a 13" x 19" print at the Chicago Glamourcon show in June, and he was very excited that the original art was available.  Richard asked me to sign it in person while I was in Indianapolis, and he also wanted a picture of me doing so. We enlisted the help of one of the hotel staff, and I happily personalized both for him.  

I love meeting fans of my art, and , while I do sign every illustration, I am more than happy to personalize any of them for the buyer.  Got a piece of art of mine you want signed?  Let me know, I'll be more than happy to make arrangements to do so.