Friday, October 21, 2016

Creating Art...Behind the Scenes

Sometimes when creating a commission, the client requests very specific things in the artwork, elements in which I need to find the proper reference photo to make the illustration work.

This was an illustration for an erotic e-book, and the author/client was very specific as to the 'look' of the protagonist--red hair, fair skin, beautiful and innocent. I actually modeled the character's face on the author, but I needed a beautiful, curvy body as reference.

I found a gorgeous photo of Playboy's Miss November 2001, Lindsey Vuolo.....this lovely woman fit perfectly for what I needed. It took very little manipulation, just adding some thongs, covering her nipples and, of course, changing the face. 
While the book never got published, I had a lot of fun with this project, as it was one of my very first color pinups. I hope you enjoy. Feedback is welcome.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Own This Chelsea Pinup Art

As you know, I debuted a new pinup art of the beautiful Sophie Rose, host of the Chelsea Fan Channel, that will be sold at auction through the Chicago Blues, our local supporters group for English Premier League's Chelsea Football Club. You can find the details here.

This is art is a mixed media piece, 18" x 24."  While it is framed for demonstration purposes, any buyer is welcome to purchase the art only.  I would normally charge between $600-$700 unframed for a commission, and $1000 with matte and frame.  Bidding starts at only $200, &  I will personally sign the art for the winner. Comments are very welcome. 

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